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Best Emblem3 Qutoes

Interviewer:What do you guys REALLY do during free time on tour?
Keaton:Um get naked... and go swimming.
Interviewer:What does a fan have to do to catch your attention?
Wesley:Light yourself on fire.
Interviewer:If you were all in the Hunger Games, who would win?
Keaton:I would just eat all the food right away and die.
*Wesley and Drew start laughing hysterically*
Keaton:Isn't that what the Hunger Games is about?
Wesley:*laughing* No, you don't eat tons of food bro. You're in a battle bro, you figh t people to the death.
Keaton:Oh well I would just not kill anyone because I would feel bad. I would just hide.
Interviewer:Can you do impersonations of each other?
Keaton:*Imitating Wes* *Girly voice* My name is Wes and I'm a girl.
Interviewer:What's the worst free thing you've ever gotten from a fan?
Drew:Umm Oh! Probably sweat on the back of my neck from some girl's armpit.
Keaton:Oh, I love when that happens! That's my favorite part!
*Answering Questions*
Keaton:What is your signature word?
Wes:Umm..... Bambi!
*Answering Questions*
Drew:What is your favorite movie?
Keaton:Okay, my favorite movie of all time is-
Wesley:*interrupts Keaton* It's not of all time. Don't add that in because that's not even what it is right now.
Keaton:*getting sassy* Okay fine, my favorite movie right now is... Ummm
Wesley:*taps Keaton on the leg* Dude, dude, dude, ummmm Monsters Go To College.
Rex:Okay, this question is for Wes. You're an amazing singer, is it natural or did you take lessons?
Wes:It's totally natural, but I did go to choir.
Drew:Remember when the choir teacher kicked me out of the auditorium for yelling "Yeah Wes, you fuckin rule!"
Wesley:We are here at Wango Tango, which I like to call Tango my Wango.
Wesley:My grandparents are like famous at church.
Drew:I'm skateboarding to Hawaii to attend a dolphin training school because I want to learn how to be a dolphin!
*Drew and Wes arguing over who gets to lean on the pole*
Wes:Stop taking the pole, this is my pole to rest on.
Drew:We can share it.
Wes:We can't share it, it's too small.
Keaton:It's fucking hot.
Keaton:It's fucking hot.
Keaton:It's so fucking warm!
Wes:It's toasty in here.
Wesley:Don't tell me what to do in my life!
*Making a vine*
Wes:Wait Keaton say it again.
*Keaton whips head around*
Drew:Keaton you need to start saying "Action"
Keaton:Action bitch!
*At the zoo*
Wesley:What the heck is a serval?
Wesley:Dude, I'm hungry as balls.
*Talking about what they're going to do to Drew when he finally shows up to the interview*
Wes:We're going to yell surprise.
Keaton:And kick him in the nuts. And it's gonna be perfect.
*Pops open a bottle of champagne*
Wesley:What the shit?!
Drew:*staring at the food on the table* Oh my dear lord baby jebus.
*Drew slamming Wes down on the couch after doing the helicopter*
Keaton:No, Wes don't squish my sandwich! Oh my gosh, you were so close.
Keaton:*holding a piece of chocolate as a knife* rahhhhhhh *runs towards Wes*
Wes:Stop stabbing me with chocolate!!!
Drew:Hey just a heads up, if you see me splashing out there, it's probably for one of two reasons. I'm either fighting a shark to death or making love to a dolphin, so you'll know it's one of those things.
*Wes holding Isaac*
*Isaac puts his hand on Wesley's nipple*
Wesleys:Woah, that's my nipple bro.
*Playing heads up*
Keaton:*giving hints to Drew* We met her. She has the long dreads and you touched her hair!
Drew:Whoopie Goldberg?!
*Playing heads up*
Wes:*looks at screen* We all go four
Keaton:*Looks at Wes shamefully* No Wes, you, you didn't get four.
Keaton:It's what you do before sex!
Interviewer:The guys of Emblem3 are going to give us make-overs.
Wes:And lap dances!
*talking to the interviewer*
Drew:Yeah we went to this High School earlier today and one of the guys was like 'Bro do you even lift?' to Wes and he's like 'Cause you're looking pretty small.'
Interviewer:No way, how did you take that Wesley?!
Wes:I lifted my shirt up and everybody went crazy.
Drew:And now he has to write an apology letter.
*Pulls out a bag of popcorn*
Interviewer:This is for you Wesley in case you get hungry.
*Keaton steals the bag of popcorn and eats the whole thing*
*Keaton... still eating the popcorn*
Keaton:I ate all the popcorn
Wes:What the fuck, that was mine!
Tyler:Nippely outside tonight isn't it?
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